An issue that I have found is that we can get busy and sometimes what we present on our website, social media and email marketing is not so up-to-date and relevant as it could be. Engaging and connecting on digital marketing requires time, effort, planning and a bit of strategic thinking. With this in mind, websitePlus has developed a personalised small business digital marketing planner to help with keeping up-to-date with important digital marketing activities and tasks.

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Kick-off your digital marketing with a free ideas workshop and planner 🧐
Considering what to do next with your digital marketing? why not try a free digital marketing ideas workshop and planner.

When you do, you will be asked to get started with websitePlus, there is no cost for this and it will give you full access to member only content, subscribe you to the digital marketing made easy newsletter and provide you with the opportunity to organise a free digital marketing workshop and planner.

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In the free ideas workshop we discuss each of the 11 suggested digital marketing activities in the free digital marketing workshop and planner, to schedule a workshop visit

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When the workshop is completed we share findings and digital marketing recommendations for you on your websitePlus account page to use without cost or obligation. Whilst there is a focus on small business, the ideas featured in the planner can be used with any sized business, community group or personal social media marketing requirement.

Want to see a sample planner? contact us or use the webchat to organise a meeting time and let's continue the conversation to make it happen.