If your excited about standing out from the crowd and getting your Mailchimp blog newsletter emails read then this handy preview text recipe will be of interest.

Before we start, a great read about preview text is the litmus' ultimate guide to preview text support. Besides a very good review of preview text and email clients that provide support, the article describes an approach for how to encode an email with preview text.

To help with understanding more about what preview text is, find following an example from a recent websitePlus newsletter email showing the subject line and preview text. In this case, the email was sent using a Mailchimp automated blog newsletter campaign and the preview text was personalised with the title of the latest article from the blog.

Pictured here is an example of an automated Mailchimp newsletter campaign email subject line with personalised preview text as they occur in gmail. In this example the subject line is bolded and the preview text uses a normal font weight.

One of the great features of Mailchimp is the automated blog email newsletter campaign. The way the automated newsletter campaign works is that Mailchimp watches the RSS feed on a website and when new content is published schedules an email to be sent to subscribers. This email marketing automation feature along with the use of merge tags allows for some very creative content personalisations.

Unfortunately, Mailchimp has some limitations when personalising the subject line and preview text.

One workaround in Mailchimp for personalising preview text in an automated blog email newsletter campaign is to use the technique suggested in the litmus' article along with merge tags. In summary, when used with RSS merge tags the solution looks something like the following special section of HTML code that is included with instructions not to display at the top of the email.

<div style="display:none;
Show here is Mailchimp RSS merge tags in preview text block with instructions not to display (remove line breaks in production).

In practice, this means that the preview text can be personalised with a title and description of content from the blog.

For Mailchimp email digital marketers this is great news because we can use the personalised preview text of an automated Mailchimp newsletter email campaign with content from the blog to stand out from the crowd and with any luck get our emails read.

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