Social media provides each of us the freedom to express our opinions and through this sharing of ideas we have the opportunity to engage. Key is to always step into your audience's shoes and be listening to be genuinely helpful.

Key takeaway and 💡 social media marketing tip - for social media engagement first listen to understand and then contribute.

Your audience can be found on social media where they are actively participating and searching. Besides the more obvious social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube, they will also be relying on a mix of word of mouth, search and others that you are yet to learn about. Whilst it is likely your audience will be on more than one social media channel it is best to start where they are most active. In practice, this means been prepared to search into social networks to find how your audience really engages around topics of interest and then joining the social media conversations that are most meaningful.

When connecting consider:

  1. How you searched and used hashtags to find content of interest - important because you want to make it easy for others to find your content of interest.
  2. What others found interesting and how they reacted to relevant content - learn what people are engaging with so that you can do more of what works.
  3. The motivation of people influencing the conversation - people are attracted to people that are genuinely interested and helpful on their topic of interest, once again learn what contributions are of value.
  4. Showing that you care with quality content - trust is built with a long-term ongoing commitment to sharing quality content. Have a read of how often should I post about myself on social media for more about the pitfuls of making social media not about your audience.
  5. Collaborating - get involved because that will help you make sense of how to connect and informed of opportunities.

Even if you are a wildly successful social media influencer with lots of engaged followers, to stay relevant you will still need to be constantly aware of what motivates your audience to connect with you. Observe your own behaviour and make a note of what motivates you to be engaged. This will be important when you start participating because learnings will help give you a pattern to follow.

This post was inspired by a discussion about how to post on social media.

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