Digital marketing plan and strategy at websitePlus. Hopefully, this transparency about our plan and strategy will assist you with your small business digital marketing activities. These are constantly reviewed and refined.

The customer problem that websitePlus solves

The customer problem that services at websitePlus provide solutions for include:

  1. Provision of webiste and email marketing - websitePlus provides easy to use website and email package so that customers can communicate with their audience.
  2. Updating customers with new content - websitePlus provides help with content creation so that it is easy for customers to share information with their audience.
  3. Engaging and influencing - websitePlus provides assistance with services so that customers can engage and influence their audience on social media.

Target audience

The target audience of websitePlus is a small business owner who values digital marketing. Their persona can be described as:

  • Ideal customer - the ideal customer will have customers that use the internet to be aware of services provided by their small business.
  • Goals - aspiration of the audience will be that they are an entrepreneur who values business growth and work/life balance.
  • A typical day for a customer - a day in the life of the target audience indicates that they want easy to use digital marketing support, value easy of access to information that can help them with marketing their small business and can struggle for time.
  • Pain points - no digital marketing expertise and often time-poor because distracted by short-term issues.

Unique value proposition

websitePlus provides small business owners with services that make it easy to get results from digital marketing.


The audience of websitePlus use google to find information, and are influenced by social media and word of mouth when making decisions.

Key measurable objectives

  1. The number of people visiting - assumption is that if the website has visits then people are finding content engaging.
  2. Subscribers to the newsletter - the assumption is that newsletter subscribers indicate long-term value and interest from audience about websitePlus content.
  3. Mentions on social media - the assumption is that social media engagement indicates social proof of community support.
  4. Subscribers to business services - the assumption is that if a customer has subscribed to a paid subscription plan then this indicates that the services provided by websitePlus are of value.

Solution and strategy

At websitePlus we are following the suggested activities in a small business digital marketing strategy.


Contact us if you are interested to see the stats for websitePlus. The purpose of sharing these is to give you a sense of how our digital marketing plan works and what we consider important.