Each week we host a free online small business digital marketing workshop to help with learning about what to do to get results from digital marketing. Workshops start with Q&A where you can ask a question about anything, then we discuss a topic of interest.

Upcoming workshop topics of interest include:

  • How to code a responsive Mailchimp email on Thursday 10th October, 2019 at 5PM AEST.
  • Show and tell walkthrough for how website, chatbot and email marketing activities can be integrated with HubSpot on Thursday 24th October, 2019 at 5PM AEST.
  • Suggested activities in a 15-minute small business digital marketing plan on Thursday 31st October, 2019 at 5PM AEST.

Ready to get started or have you got a question? contact us or use the webchat (bottom right corner) to send a message and we will organise you an invite for our next small business digital marketing online coaching workshop.