Featured in the getting started tips to help make it easy to get results from digital marketing is Β the following suggestion ...

Like, mention, comment or reshare what is relevant to you and your audience on your social media timeline - πŸ’‘ getting started tip, watch your social media timeline and make a point of engaging with what other people are saying with a like or comment.
πŸ’‘ getting started tips to help make it easy to get results from digital marketing
For results share consistently with quality, be real with time allocation and be smart with allocating your resources.

This is one of my favourite daily digital marketing activities because even when I only have a couple of minutes it can be used to quickly engage with content that people might appreciate.

With people constantly sharing, social media can become a very busy place. To help you focus we suggest aligning your passion with a hashtag, then simply use your hashtags to find content of interest that you can engage with and share.

Try it out, goto your social media platform and search on a hashtag. As expected, what you will find is that the results all show content containing your search topic.

To help you refine results, most have search with advanced options and special techniques to help with finding engaging content. Depending on the network options include everyone or contacts only, popularity of content and originality of share.

Help with making it easy to find interesting engaging content

To help you with navigating the search options on social media platforms we have started to roll out social media search buttons to your websitePlus account. They work by using your topics of interest to create personalised social media search links, and where available are customised with advanced options to help with surfacing interesting content.

To use websitePlus social media search buttons ...

  1. Signup for a free account, visit your account and enter your topic of interest in settings.
  2. Use the social media search buttons to search for topics of interest inside and out of your network of contacts.
  3. Regularly engage with "found" interesting social media posts.

Then refine.

The more you use and update the better the results will be. Note also that your social topic used for searching social media networks does not need to be a hashtag.

This is a new free service and we hope that it might help make it easy with finding interesting content on social media to engage with.

Comments, feature suggestions and feedback

Feel very welcome to share a comment with feature suggestions and feedback.

What is missing, what can be improved and how can the websitePlus social media search buttons be made easier to help you with making your difference using digital marketing.