Recently was asked, how do I engage with people on social media? and the answer is that simply offering to help can be a good strategy.

Thought about helping - when you have had the opportunity to be helpful then you have proven that you can be trusted which is very important for any relationship.

When offering to help consider what your audience will be interested in and what you can do. If you are unsure about how you can help, then consider explaining in as few words as possible how you are going to solve a problem for your target audience and then use this statement as a guide. For example, if you have a blog sharing ideas about art then you might be able to help with offering inspiration to creative people struggling for ideas. Likewise, if you provide professional consultancy services then you might be able to help with best practice tips for getting started. For more thoughts have a read of start with a real purpose or search for articles on how to make a unique selling proposition (USP).

Obvious opportunities to help. Your audience will from time-to-time present questions (like this one) that you can provide assistance with. When this occurs the best advice is to jump straight in with an answer.

Creating opportunities to help. When attempting to create an opportunity to help I have found it can be a good idea to empathise with a problem that you know your audience is having and then crowdsource the answer. For example, if you know it is very hard for people to get work in your profession without experience then ask people on social media with employment how they got started. If your audience finds the question interesting then consider embedding the topic in a post and developing the theme some more. It is always rewarding when you get feedback, but remember that not every post asking for comments is going to engage.

Make your purpose part of your digital marketing culture. Have a read of suggested everyday digital marketing activities for more thoughts about putting into practice.

Thanks for the question.

Hopefully, comments here have helped.

In summary, share the awesome, helpful and likeable because your audience will love you for it.