I am sure that you know the answer, less is better than more because social media is not a personal megaphone.

Key takeaway and 💡 social media marketing tip - people don't like spam and content that is always about yourself is spammy.

From time to time we get asked this question and the answer is that it depends, the best advice is always beware of only sharing content that is self-serving. People don't like spam and content that is always about yourself is spammy, so it goes without saying ... don't spam people with spammy content.

Before you post STOP and consider your audience first. If you are ever in doubt about the quality of what you are sharing reflect on what you read, ignore and delete. Another idea is to have a look at what your audience actually likes on social media (e.g. what they give a like to) and post more of that.

Always ask the question, what does my audience need more of? most likely you are doing digital marketing for a reason and the best thing that you can do is post more content that your audience will appreciate.

In summary, share the awesome, helpful and likeable because your audience will love you for it.

Matt Cameron

Matt Cameron

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