Thanks for the question, use these content and connecting tips to help make your Twitter social media experience more engaging.

When searching for new content - use a Twitter search query with the following format:

phrase min_retweets:n min_faves:n -filter:nativeretweets

For example, to find new original and in this case, popular content about dogs use:

dog min_retweets:500 min_faves:10000 -filter:nativeretweets

What's happening here is:

  • phrase - words at the beginning of the search query are the phrase to search for, this can be a mix of words and hashtags.
  • min_retweets:n - is the minimum retweets that the post should have, replace n with the minimum number of retweets.
  • min_faves:n - is the minimum likes that the post should have, replace n with the minimum number of likes.
  • -filter:nativeretweets - shows tweets from people that have not retweeted this tweet, remove - to see retweets.

Some experimentation will be required for what works best. If you have interests in a more specific niche then it can be a good idea to lower the minimum numbers.

Consider also checking out for helpful user interface for other options.

Explore results - use Twitter search results tabs to explore options for content to reshare and people to engage with, in summary:

  • Top - will show you the content that best matched your search query.
  • Latest - will show you content that is a live feed of recent results.
  • People - will show you a list of people that best match query.

Thanks for the question and hopefully these ideas help.

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