When using Twitter consider these tips to help make your Twitter social media experience more engaging. Without going into too much detail make an account, create a memorable Twitter name, make your bio interesting, add a profile picture and get ready to start liking and retweeting.

  1. Make an account - follow the instructions on Twitter when setting up an account.
  2. Create a memorable Twitter name - this is how people will identify with you so make your Twitter name easy to remember and straightforward to share.
  3. Make your bio interesting - before people follow you they will have a look at your bio to see if what you say aligns with their interests.
  4. Add a profile picture - just to let people know that you are for real.
  5. Get ready to start liking and retweeting - this is where it gets interesting, Twitter is different to Facebook and LinkedIn because Twitter is all about the interests.

When searching for content to like or retweet - use a Twitter search query with the following format:

phrase min_retweets:n min_faves:n -filter:nativeretweets

For example, to find new original and in this case, popular content about cats use:

cats min_retweets:5 min_faves:20 -filter:nativeretweets

What's happening here is:

  • phrase - words at the beginning of the search query are the phrase to search for, this can be a mix of words and hashtags.
  • min_retweets:n - is the minimum retweets that the post should have, replace n with the minimum number of retweets.
  • min_faves:n - is the minimum likes that the post should have, replace n with the minimum number of likes.
  • -filter:nativeretweets - shows tweets from people that have not retweeted this tweet, remove - to see retweets.

Some experimentation will be required for what works best. If you have interests in a more specific niche then it can be a good idea to lower the minimum numbers. Consider also checking out https://twitter.com/search-advanced for helpful user interface for other options.

Explore and share the results - review what people are sharing, and consider liking and resharing what they are saying. The more you share, the more others will know what is important to you.

Then when you have mastered these liking and resharing, consider starting to share with your own tweets. Consider also using Twitter to find content of interest and then resharing that content on LinkedIn.

Recently was asked this question about how to get started with using Twitter. Hopefully these ideas for getting started with using Twitter to find topics to influence the conversation will help.

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