Do you value sharing digital marketing content, is your digital marketing strategy more ad hoc than planned or is it a challenge to find the time to think up new engaging digital marketing ideas? If you answered yes to any of these questions then a free digital marketing ideas workshop and planner might just help. In the workshop we review, explore and work together to start with developing a plan that can be used to produce engaging digital marketing.

Features of the digital marketing ideas workshop include.

  • Free to get started proof of concept - production of free proof of concept content marketing website along with any related digital marketing showing ideas discussed. This is available for you to see how your message can be shared with your audience and can be used as a foundation for your digital marketing.
  • Personalised digital marketing strategy plan - as a result of the workshop, we create for you a custom digital marketing strategy plan with recommended activities for the ideas discussed. Β The planner is a set up as a shared document meaning that it can be used collaboratively by you and your team to help you with managing your digital marketing. To get a sense of what is included request access to the community group digital marketing ideas planner template document.
  • Try before you buy content creation - included is help with getting started to produce engaging content that you are free to use with your website, email and social media marketing.

The workshop is available to anyone interested in learning more about engaging with digital marketing and is well suited to small and medium-sized businesses, the not-for-profit sector, personal branding or with any activity that encourages people to engage in community groups and causes.

Digital marketing ideas workshop, planner, proof of concept website and help with getting started to create content are offered without cost or obligation because we believe that you should have the opportunity to first try before you buy to see if digital marketing packages and services offered by websitePlus will be helpful to you. If you are in the Melbourne metro area we can visit you to discuss your ideas otherwise the workshop can be done online.

Ready to get started or have you got a question? contact us or use the webchat (bottom right corner) to send a message and let's schedule a time to get started.