Do you need help with an engaging digital marketing plan, is it a challenge to find the time to think up new engaging digital marketing ideas or is your digital marketing strategy more ad-hoc than planned? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then a free digital marketing ideas workshop and planner might just help.

In the ideas workshop, we help you with a personalised digital marketing plan with suggested strategies to help with engagement. Strategies include how to inform, engage and share to help people learn about what makes you different.

Informing, engaging and sharing what makes you different.

The workshop discussion usually takes about 30-minutes and can be done online. When complete we share findings and recommendations for you in a high-level plan for you to use without cost or obligation.

Usually discussion is on the following ...

  1. Get started with a website and email marketing using default themes and settings - our recommendation when getting started is go with default settings and don't get too worried about all the details. Once you have started then test features to help you engage with your audience.
  2. Ensure that Google Analytics is linked to your website, Google Search Console is configured and if required Google Business is setup - organising these are important because they inform you how your website is been used and they help to create visibility about your digital marketing in search results.
  3. Add a call to action on every website page - ensure that you have a clear call to action on all pages. Make sure that every page helps your audience make a decision about what to do next.
  4. Integrate - consider how your digital marketing fits in with how you provide a service and use it to help with automating activities.
  5. Write a long form post to help share what is important to you - these pages are important because they inform people about what you are all about, use these pages share your purpose, tell your story about what is important to you and to guide your audience.
  6. Ensure that social media is linked with your website - social media helps people share and continue the conversation about you.
  7. Every day engage, connect and invite - it is best to connect with people in the moment when they are interested and personally introduce services along with an invite to subscribe.
  8. Every day check social media for people to follow and content to share - any very good content should be shared across all your social networks.
  9. As often as possible share a post - share thoughts, answer a Q&A, write a how-to post and always be working on creating new interesting quality content to share.
  10. On a regular basis refine your content, email and website - reviewing how your digital marketing flows, themes and making adjustments to content should be a continuous process.
  11. Always keep it simple - make sure that your website and email digital marketing makes sense and is easy to use.

The free ideas workshop and planner are available to anyone interested in learning more about engaging with digital marketing and is well suited to small and medium-sized businesses, the not-for-profit sector, personal branding or with any activity that encourages people to engage in community groups and causes.

Ready to get started? schedule a meeting time and let's continue the conversation to make it happen.