Are you are interested in learning more about how to start contributing to a websitePlus website that uses the Ghost blog and membership platform? If you are then you have come to the right place.

Getting started writing your first post

Follow these steps to get started with a new post.

  1. Become a contributor - if you are not already a contributor, first subscribe to the website that you would like to become a contributor of and then request that you would like to become a contributor.
  2. Accept the request to become a contributor - on your approval to become a contributor you will be sent an email. Follow the instructions in the email, accept the request and create your account.
  3. Login as a contributor - visit []/ghost and login. Replace [] with the name of the website.
  4. To create a post - click on the manage > posts menu button on the left hand side of the screen and the press the green New post button in the top right hand corner of the screen. Following is a screen grab showing what you should see on the desktop.

Next to write your first post

  1. Title - change the Post Title to something that makes sense.
  2. Content - then Begin writing your post....
  3. Don't worry - whilst you are a contributor you cannot accidentally publish anything and your post is saved automatically each time you change the body of the post.
  4. Have fun and enjoy - that's it, and have fun blogging.

Advance use

  1. More help with the editor - checkout this post by the authors of the Ghost platform for more help with the editor
  2. Use markdown - markdown is a popular way of marking up website content, for more information about how it works checkout
  3. Making tables - visit to learn how to convert tables to markdown.
  4. Images, YouTube and more - click on the + in a circle to see how to insert images, markdown, HTML, YouTube and more.

Feel very welcome to comment suggestions about how we can improve this post.