Recently I was asked if this was a genuine request, whilst it appeared legit I suspect the absence of a backlink means it's not.

In not so many words here is what the email making the request for the link said ...

Hello, I'm emailing because on your website you have some awesome posts where you and your audience would benefit with a link to my comprehensive content. Please consider linking because it would make an excellent addition to your website. What do you think?

I am sure that we have all received something simular asking for a link to help with someone else's SEO (search engine optimisation) and to help improve their chance of getting found in Google search.

Had a quick look at the request and found that it appeared legit. In this case, the person asking for the link has a very comprehensive website with a large amount of interesting content. My advice to the website owner was if you believe that providing a link would be genuinely helpful to your audience then suggest editing accordingly.

To answer their question, is the request genuine? I suspect unfortunately not, because whilst reviewing the website that was asking for the link I also found that there were no links back to the website owner (with the supposedly awesome) posts.  There is an interesting learning here, when asking for a link it is best practice to already give a link back first before asking.

The takeaway, if you are going to ask for a link then give one in return first.

Hopefully this helps with your SEO link giving and asking.

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