Not so long ago a friend asked for tips about what to post on social media.

My thoughts at the time included that it is always best to stay away from anything decisive like politics and religion, to mindfully consider your motivation before posting and to always think about the person reading.

We also discussed a checklist.

Before posting make sure you can answer YES to these.

  1. Is this something that is not cringeworthy?
  2. Is this something that I am not going to regret?
  3. Is this not about grandstanding myself (e.g. not bragging)?
  4. Is this public information (e.g. not confidential or sensitive)?
  5. Does this align with organisations, people and groups that I value?
  6. Does this need to be shared?
  7. Does this really help?
  8. Are you smiling?
  9. Is this inclusive?
  10. Is this positive?
  11. Is this true?

🤔 interested in comments - what are your thoughts? what would you add on the list of questions to ask before posting?