Help create awareness with these suggested daily, weekly and start up digital marketing activities.

Suggested every day activities

The purpose of these digital marketing awareness activities is to introduce the business to new people. 💡 tip - start doing digital marketing as early as possible in your digital marketing plan.

  1. Check your social media for people to follow and reshare - any very good content should be shared across all your social networks.
  2. Check Google Alerts for content to share - any good content that resonates with your purpose should be shared across all your social networks.
  3. Connect and invite - personally introduce business services to any new contacts and invite them to subscribe. In practice it is best to make it easy for people to subscribe - for example email, message or phone, ask for their email address, ask if they would like to be on the list and then you add them to the list to sign them up.
  4. Engage - share a post on social media.

Everyday time should be allocated to doing these digital marketing activities because quality content is best shared when it is relevant.

Suggested weekly activities

The purpose of these digital marketing awareness activities is to create new share-worthy content.

  1. Share thoughts - write a weekly update reflecting on the previous week.
  2. Share answers to questions - answer Q&A email and write how-to posts with helpful answers.
  3. Share and create new quality content - always be working on creating quality content to share.
  4. Get inspiration about featured topics to write about from Google Trends - useful for monitoring industry trends.
  5. Get inspiration for topics to write about from Google Ads Keyword Planner - find inspiration for topics in the suggested keywords, simply enter in your website address in the get keywords ideas planner and use suggested search phrases as topic ideas to write about.

Every week time should be allocated to sharing because new content is required to keep digital marketing interesting.

Suggested activities for regular review

The purpose of these digital marketing activities is to keep your digital marketing up-to-date. These tasks should be done as often as required.

  1. Keep it simple - make sure that your website and email digital marketing makes sense and is easy to use.
  2. Test your website with tools at Think with Google - test and get recommended tip for for your website.
  3. Google Analytics - review to monitor website and audience behaviour.
  4. Google Search Console - review for organic search trends and any website search indexing issues.
  5. Google Ads - review for your pay per click advertising.

Suggested activities for getting your digital marketing started

The purpose of this suggested sequence of activities is to give you a sense of what to do next when doing digital marketing. 🎈 be excited and happy because you have started to get your digital marketing going.

  1. Setup your website with default theme and settings - don't get too worried about all the details, just get started.
  2. Made sure that Google Analytics is linked to your website and returning meaning reporting - reporting is important because without it you will have no idea what's going on.
  3. Configure Google Business - helps to create visibility about your business in Google search results.
  4. Configure Google Search Console - important for organic search results. Also, good to do early because results can take a couple of weeks to start coming through.
  5. Write about, services and contact us pages - these pages are important because they inform people about what your website is all about. Use your about page to share your purpose and the story about what is important to you.
  6. Get help if you need it - more often than not your day to day job is not as a digital marketing expert so don't let doing digital marketing suffer at the expense of all the other things that you need to do.
  7. Get your email marketing started - once again set up with default theme and settings.
  8. Setup an ongoing email campaign to share with subscribers new blog posts - this is the most important email campaign you can set up because it will help people to keep reading your website.
  9. Refine your website and email themes - this is a good time to review themes and make adjustments.
  10. Integrating CRM - if you are going to use a CRM, now is a good time to start integrating your digital marketing activities with your CRM.
  11. Add product/service landing pages - share what you do and how people can engage with you.
  12. Add call to action on every page - every page can be a landing page, so make sure your call to action is on all pages - for example, a call to action is where you ask people to join your email marketing list.
  13. Configure Google Ads - important if pay per click in search results are part of your digital marketing plan.
  14. Keep an eye on your digital marketing - see suggested activities for regular review.
  15. Share new content - see suggested weekly activities.
  16. Connect and engage - see suggested every day activities.

These suggested activities are what we do and recommend at websitePlus.

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