Whilst always appreciating recommendations, my favourite is not engaging enough because it reminds me to always be offering engaging digital marketing content.

Feedback include ...

  1. Not engaging enough.
  2. Like the short bite sized actionable digital marketing ideas.
  3. A number of new article ideas.
  4. Request to include more helpful ideas.
  5. And a couple of recommendations.

As a result the newsletter has changed to include:

  1. More links to helpful ideas.
  2. An invitation for anyone interested to share their articles or social media about getting results from digital marketing in the newsletter.
  3. Small Business Digital Marketing Program.

The new small business digital marketing program provides practical actionable time saving digital marketing suggestions that align with recommendations in the free small business digital marketing ideas workshop and planner. At this stage, the program features suggestions for finding reshareable social media content and how to get assistance with small business digital marketing planning. More features to help you with engaging your small business digital marketing audience coming soon.

Once again, thank you everyone for feedback. Feel very welcome reach out with a message or to share your comments on the following LinkedIn post.