Start by developing a plan that organises activities to help you deliver on your purpose.  As a rule, it is more important to be sharing consistently with quality and in practice, this means having a digital marketing plan that allows you to share quality content in a manner that you can sustain. This is where aligning your priorities to what you want to achieve with your digital marketing plan come into play.

Suggested daily digital marketing tasks:

  1. Like, mention, comment or reshare what is relevant to you and your audience on your social media timeline - 💡 getting started tip, simply watch your social media daily and make a point of at least giving one post a like.
  2. On social media follow and share people who influence the conversations that are important - 💡 getting started tip, reshare and comment on the interesting posts that your influencers are sharing.
  3. Share on social media a helpful topical link along with your key takeaways - 💡 getting started tip, whilst searching remember to watch for interesting reshareable content and share with your own thoughts.
  4. Share the awesome on your blog and in email newsletter - 💡 getting started tip, embedded content from social media is a great easy quick way of keeping in touch with your audience.
  5. You cannot break digital marketing - 💡 getting started tip, if what you are doing now doesn't work, try something new.

What you will find interesting is that as soon as you make a commitment to having a digital marketing plan you will start to have unlimited ideas about how to help your audience - for example, ideas about how to find more helpful links to share, tips to share and even blog posts to write. When this starts happening make sure you write your ideas down and test them out.

Conversely, there is also potential in just a few minutes. If you only have a couple of minutes each day to do your digital marketing then ask - what is the one most important thing that my audience would appreciate? In a 5-minute a day digital marketing scenario where you are time-limited, a good strategy can be to simply to one of the suggested faily digital marketing tasks. Worth considering is that 5-minutes is generally how long it takes to drink your favourite hot cup of flavoured water - so grab a cup of coffee, tea or whatever takes your fancy, and whilst you drink see what you can do with your digital marketing to help influence your audience.

It goes without saying that if you can allocate more than time and resources then you can do more research and generate more content that can help your audience more with their goals and challenges. Regardless of whether you are time poor or time privileged, a couple of minutes a day can be more than enough time to get digital marketing tasks done and to be productive.

For digital marketing results share consistently with quality, be real with how much time you can allocate to doing digital marketing and be smart with how you allocate your resources. The important thing is to ensure that you focus on what is most important and don't let opportunities slip by.

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Matt Cameron

Matt Cameron

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