This week updated activities and recent social media shares. This week glad that everything is with new website digital marketing is started.

This week started working on a long-form post called small business social media engagement ideas and then when almost finished felt that the purpose of content was duplicating what was already written in the getting started guide. Decided to repurpose content into a series of shorter social media how-to posts and link these to the action points in the 15-minutes a day digital marketing plan section of the getting started guide. 💡 digital marketing tip - be flexible, adaptable and plan for change.

Favourite shares and about getting mentioned

A social mention is when someone mentions your name on social media. Every social mention is an opportunity to engage with your audience and for people to see your brand. Mentions can be positive or negative. 💡 social media tip - engage if you want to be mentioned.

Following is an examples of a social mention. In this case @WiproDigital acknowledged a reshare on Twitter by @mattcameron.

Engaging with a social mention doesn't have to be hard. If the social media share makes sense and you like it, then give it a mention. When mentioning is always nice to get acknowledged in return.

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