This week updated activities and recent social media shares. This week great to connect.

Was asked about the process of setting up small business digital marketing and decided to share the digital marketing strategy and stats at websitePlus, hopefully will be of interest.

Now that website and email marketing started found that there is already have a backlog of ideas developing to post about and thought it πŸ€” important to have a process for what you are doing because it helps.

Also, this week reached out personally to people that they thought might be interested in joining the newsletter. Not everyone did. Was a good excuse to catch up with some old friends.

Favourite shares

Favourite share this week is this content marketing infographic about how content aligns with the buyer's journey by Larry Kim. Great inspiration about what to share and thanks Nicolina Wroblewski for resharing. Check out how to get started with small business digital marketing for more on this.

Awesome to get some feedback from last weeks share.

Let's continue the discussion

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Feel welcome to share with anyone that you know would be interested.

Thanks for reading along.