Together let's help raise awareness of the important work that your community group or not-for-profit is doing with a free digital marketing plan and help with member engagement.

Includes all the features of the free digital marketing ideas workshop and planner plus a personalised presentation encouraging members with how to become actively involved as community group social sharers. From experience we have found for community engagement it is important to get as many people actively involved as early possible, activities that people can help with include encouraging and influencing others to join as a member of a cause or to RSVP for a special event.

The presentation is personalised to the purpose of your group, has a short 3-minute run length and contains easy to follow examples that can be shared with members for how they can be more involved in sharing your group with a wider audience.

Prior to producing the presentation, we can help with content creation and digital marketing strategies and services.

Want to get started or have you got a question? contact us or use the webchat (bottom right corner) to send a message and let's continue the conversation.

Matt Cameron

Matt Cameron

Reach out with questions or for assistance with digital marketing ideation, creating, developing, doing, coaching and planning.