Together let's help raise awareness of the important work that your community group or not-for-profit is doing with a free digital marketing plan, member engagement presentation and help with content.

Features included with the free innovative digital marketing help for community groups and not-for-profits.

  1. Digital marketing ideas workshop and planner - to get a sense of what is included request access to the community group digital marketing ideas planner template document.
  2. Social sharing marketing presentation - online personalised presentation encouraging members with how to become actively involved as community group social sharers. The presentation has a short 3-minute run length and contains easy to follow examples that can be shared with members for how they can be more involved in sharing your group with a wider audience.
  3. Getting started with engaging content - includes help with getting started to produce engaging content that you are free to use with your website, email and social media marketing.

Help with the community group planning and presentation is offered without cost or obligation and is our way of giving back to help support community groups and not-for-profits with the awesome work that they are doing. Getting started with engaging content provides you with the opportunity to discover more about how websitePlus can help you with digital marketing services. If you are in the Melbourne metro area we can visit you to discuss your ideas otherwise the workshop can be done online.

Want to get started or got a question? contact us or use the webchat (bottom right corner) to send a message and let's continue the conversation.